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Why Should Gilson Pipetman NOT Be Greased?

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Q:  Why Should Gilson Pipeteman NOT Be Greased?

 A:  Gilson Pipetman are unique in using a Dry-Seal system with precision

       manufactured seal and ‘O’ ring. This avoids the use of grease to produce

       an air-tight seal. Grease may contain contamination.  Pipetman can be

       cleaned and seals and o-rings replaced without altering the calibration.

       However, if you grease a pipette and then remove the grease for cleaning,

       the amount of grease re-applied may vary and could alter the calibration

       of the pipette.


       CPR always replaces seals and ‘O’ rings during servicing as

       recommended by Gilson to maintain high levels of accuracy and precision.

      Other service agencies may use grease to obtain an air-tight seal 

       rather than replacing parts. Pipetman is not designed as a greased system

       and this quick fix will have a long term detrimental effect on pistons and

       tip holders with a loss of calibration over time.


       Don't let anyone grease your Pipetman!

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